“blu-DRO” Powered by TouchDRO!

TouchDRO ….Now your DRO runs on Android….not some antiquated relic from the past!

TouchDRO has arrived….bringing DRO functionality to the masses at a fraction of the price.

"blu-DRO" Powered by: TouchDRO

Announcement: The “blu-DRO” has gone Black!

Coinciding with the arrival of our latest edition designed by Yuriy Krushelnytskiy and Powered by TouchDRO!

Now supporting 4 axes of motion…Tachometer and Touch Probe! Also this latest edition is compatible with iGaging AbsoluteDRO Plus scales!

Factoid: Axes, pronounced AX-eez. Interestingly, axes is the only word in English that can be the plural of three different singular noun forms–ax, axe, and axis.


DRO’s never got this simple!

If you are looking for a low cost Digital Readout solution for your Mill or Lathe….Well, now there is an app for that!

Thanks to Yuriy Krushelnytskiy and his inspirational TouchDRO app now all you have to do is plug it in….pair it up and you have yourself a DRO on your lathe, milling machine or whatever shop tool you need.

The “blu-DRO” Digital Readout Controller is compatible with most iGaging and AccuRemote scales!

If you already have iGaging or AccuRemote scales around the shop….or use Android devices to access all your favorite Machining Apps….then this is an Absolute No Brainer!

"blu-DRO" Powered by: TouchDRO


“blu-DRO” Powered by TouchDRO (4 axis micro-b w/ Tach & Touchprobe) Full Kit w/ Free Shipping….. price…..$124.99


** Please allow up to 2-weeks for delivery! We are trying our best to keep the “blu-DRO” Powered by TouchDRO in stock but it is proving to be easier said than done!

Early versions of the new blu-DRO Powered by TouchDRO will be available in micro-b only. However we do have versions available with thru-hole soldering points on the main board for direct wiring of scales….this makes it super easy shorten and ground your cables if needed.

When setting up your new blu-DRO Powered by TouchDRO please follow the proper boot sequence. The “Auto-Detect” feature that determines which scales you are using with the controller requires you to plug your scales first then power up your controller.

**Please select your connector type and shipping preference (Continental US or International) from the list below**

CLEARANCE!…… While supplies last our original “blu-DRO” will be available for just $99 a piece! Get your order in now!

Please note….the controllers below are NOT compatible with iGaging AbsoluteDRO Plus scales. However if you have the original iGaging DigiMag, iGaging EZ-View DRO Plus or AccuRemote Super High Accuracy scales you will be ok with either the original “blu-DRO” listed below or the new “blu-DRO” Powered by TouchDRO.

“blu-DRO” (Micro-b) Full Kit w/Free Shipping….. price…..$99.00

“blu-DRO” (Mini-b) Full Kit w/Free Shipping….. price…..$99.00

Please be aware that International orders do not ship with a power supply. But the blu-DRO can be powered from any power supply that is 6v-12v center positive with 2.1mm barrel connector which are very common and can be easily sourced online. Also the unit can be powered thru the programming port using common 5v cell phone chargers.

Full Kit Includes:

  • Fully programmed controller with Bluetooth module onboard
  • Custom enclosure with through holes for mounting
  • 9v or 12v power supply

You must supply the scales and Android device.

Features include:

  • 3-Axis Readout
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Absolute and Incremental Positioning
  • Inch & Metric Modes
  • Point Memory
  • Tool Offset
  • Supports different Machine Types
  • Radius/Diameter Setting for Lathes
  • Bolt Hole Patterns & Circles for Milling Machines

And that is just scratching the surface! TouchDRO is like having a full service DRO on your cell phone!


And as always…all credit for TouchDRO APP development goes to the incomparable Yuriy Krushelnytskiy!

Find him here:




** We try to get each “blu-DRO” Powered by TouchDRO in the mail and out to our customers as quickly as we can…..but if you catch us right at the time of re-order it can take up to 2-weeks for delivery…. Thanks for understanding!