“blu-DRO” Powered by: TouchDRO

"blu-DRO" Powered by: TouchDRO

Important Service Notice:

We will not be shipping any “blu-DRO’s” from now until Monday December 18 due to Lab maintenance and upgrades.

Feel free to secure your order just please understand that your controllers will not ship until the 18th…..Thank you for understanding!


“blu-DRO” is proud to welcome all the Yuriy fans from Yuriy’s Toys and thank him for providing us with the latest boards for our controllers.

As I am sure most of you guys already know Yuriy’s new boards feature 4 inputs for XYZ & W axes as well as provisions for Tach and Touchprobe.

The new board also adds the iGaging AbsoluteDRO Plus to the list of compatible scales along with the original iGaging Digimag, the iGaging EZ-VIEW Plus and the AccuRemote Super High Accuracy line of capacitive DRO scales.

This new kit comes ready to go….just plug it in….pair it up….calibrate it and you are ready to DRO!

“blu-DRO” Powered by TouchDRO (4 axis micro-b w/ Tach & Touchprobe) Full Kit w/ Free Shipping….. price…..$124.99

** Please allow up to 2-weeks for delivery! We are trying our best to keep the “blu-DRO” Powered by TouchDRO in stock but it is proving to be easier said than done!

When setting up your new blu-DRO Powered by TouchDRO please follow the proper boot sequence. The “Auto-Detect” feature that determines which scales you are using with the controller requires you to plug your scales first then power up your controller.

Thanks for shopping! And Happy Machining!


** We try to get each “blu-DRO” Powered by TouchDRO in the mail and out to our customers as quickly as we can…..but if you catch us right at the time of re-order it can take up to 2-weeks for delivery…. Thanks for understanding!