TouchDRO Scale Connectors….To mini-b or not To mini-b?

TouchDRO Scale Connectors….To mini-b or not To mini-b?

micro vs mini usb

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That is the question!

Lately there has been a big shake up as to which USB connectors you need for your blu-DRO….mini-b or micro-b?

The quick and easy answer is either….you just have to know which one you have….and order the right controller.

Now a little history….

Both iGaging and AccuRemote started out using mini-b USB connectors on their popular…and relatively inexpensive…capacitive DRO scales. These connectors have been around for years and anyone who has been involved with digital cameras will be very familiar with them.

Well, lately both manufacturers have been migrating over to the newer, and of late more popular micro-b USB. I am sure the reason has to do with availability and the fact that the micro-b has been adopted as the darling of the cell phone boom!

And so as a result we are also phasing out… or at least cutting back on the number of boards we intend to produce for the old connector as most of the new scales are shipping with micros.

But if you have a batch of older scales not to fear! The wiring scheme has not changed….and on our newer boards we have incorporated test pads to look for shorts and detect solder bridges on the near microscopic pins of the connectors themselves. The up side of that is if you guys have older scales you can always attach the scales directly to the board very easily.

But it probably won’t come to that point for quite some time because we intend on having some “legacy” boards around for a while for those who need them!

After all this is basically a community of hobbyist and I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t love the space!

Thanks to Yuriy for all his good work and I love hearing from you guys so hit me up and let me know what you need!