General FAQs about using your “blu-DRO”:

Q. How many axis will my blu-DRO control?

A. Three….your blu-DRO controller has USB inputs for you X, Y & Z axes.

Q. How does my blu-DRO connect to my Android?

A. Bluetooth

Q. Can I use my Android tablet to monitor multiple machines?

A. Yes….but it is much more convenient to have a tablet dedicated to each machine.

Q. Can I use one blu-DRO controller on multiple machines?

A. Technically yes….but not recommended! The excessive plugging and unplugging of the USB connectors/ports causes wear and tear and connectivity issues down the road.

Q. What scales can I use with my  blu-DRO controller?

A. Your blu-DRO is compatible with AccuRemote Super High Accuracy Scales, iGaging DigiMag and EZ-View DRO Plus Scales.

Q. What is the range of my controller?

A. Approximately 20-30 feet.

Q. Will having two or more tablets create Bluetooth conflicts or interference?

A. No….as long as you disconnect from one controller before you log in to another.

Q. Do International orders ship with the appropriate power supplies.

A. No….we only stock US type power supplies and leave it up to each individual outside the US to source their own power supplies due to varying input voltages and plug configurations.

Snippet from website:

“Please be aware that International orders do not ship with a power supply. But the blu-DRO can be powered from any power supply that is 6v-12v center positive with 2.1mm barrel connector which are very common and can be easily sourced online. Also the unit can be powered thru the programming port using common 5v cell phone chargers.”

Q. Why am I getting no readings when I plug the scales into my new “blu-DRO” Powered by TouchDRO?

A. The new “blu-DRO” Powered by TouchDRO is compatible with a wide range of capacitive DRO scales. For the reason it is equipped with an “Auto-Detect” feature that requires that the scales be plugged in before powering on the controller.