Compatible Digital Readout Scales

Thanks to the tireless work of Yuriy Krushelnytskiy the new “blu-DRO” ….Powered by: TouchDRO now works with more scales than ever before!

The original blu-DRO was limited to three axis inputs and had no provisions for tach or touch probe….unless you wanted to break it open and hack the mainboard. But the New “blu-DRO” ….Powered by: TouchDRO features four axis inputs and is setup for tach and touch probe….as well as now is fully compatible with the new iGaging AbsoluteDRO Plus scales.

Here is a list of compatible scales and a link to where to get them at a good price…:

IMHO this is one of the best deals on scales for the “blu-DRO”!

If you have a mini mill this deal will be hard to beat!

These next two scales….if you already have a couple of scales but need a third or possibly a 4th scale this price is as low as I have ever seen. They are sold by a supplier called Yescom….they are unbranded but I bought a couple of them inspected and tested them and they passed with flying colors.

I am trying to contact these guys and see why they don’t offer a 24″ scale….may be a NOS situation, but while these last they work great!

Below is the “AccuRemote” line of scales.

They are a little more expensive but if you have the spare cash they are much more solidly constructed with Precision Ground Stainless Steel Beams and Aluminum Read Heads.
AccuRemote 6″

AccuRemote 12″

AccuRemote 24″

AccuRemote 38″

Thank you for shopping!