About Us

What a long strange trip it has been!

From Construction to Agriculture to Product Development.

If you would have told me back in the 90’s that I would end up being a Machinist with a penchant for Tool Making and Product Development I would have asked you to please step away from the bottle! Jokingly of course…lol.

But being involved in the Building Trades in the 90’s….much like everyone else in the industry….I felt the pinch of both the housing crisis and the $4.50 a gallon gas….and after fighting it for far too long I decided to move out of the city and do something fun.

So I loaded up the truck and moved to the mountains where I decided to start a Gamebird Farm raising Bobwhite Quail to serve local Plantations and Hunting Clubs around. Little did I know at the time but to be a decent Quail Farmer you pretty much have to be a Mechanical Engineer, a Wildlife Biologist, a Master Mechanic & Fabricator and slightly touched in the head to be a really successful Quail Farmer….if there is such a thing!…lol

But anyway, being the builder and consummate tinkerer I just couldn’t resist the urge to find something to build and sell into the industry so I started building Johnny Houses for Plantations and Dog Trainers in the area….and before you knew it the phone is ringing from Kansas and Texas and all over the US looking for Johnny Houses. For those who aren’t familiar…a Johnny House is a structure intended house and flush Quail for hunting purposes….the early versions resembled an “Outhouse”….hence the name.

So to make a long story short….the workshop quickly started to out pace the Quail Farm in terms of sales and time so I had to make the decision to concentrate on just one.

After a few years of honing my design the line of “Quail Containment Systems” kinda got to where I wanted them to be structurally….so I guess that is where my next odyssey began! At that point I started the development of a “Predator Proof Recall Funnel” for the Johnny Houses. Up until this point my shop was pretty much just a wood shop….but when I decided the “Callback Tubes” needed to be made of steel this opened up a whole new world of Metal Working and Machining and down the rabbit hole we went!

To work on the Callback Tubes I bought a welder and Beverly Shear and made a DIY Press Brake. But from that point for some reason my need for Machine Tools just seemed to grow exponentially…every new project seemed to beget two more new projects and every one needed a new tool!…lol…So before long I ended up with a Metal Cutting Lathe a Milling Machine, Vertical and Horizontal Band Saws, Plasma Cutters and the list goes on!

And of course once you have gotten the Machining Bug accuracy is prized above all else….so that is what led me to find Yuriy’s page at xxxxx and to start the development of the blu-DRO so that guys that don’t have the time or equipment (soldering iron, reflow oven, meters etc.) can jump into a wireless DRO with just the scales and a Droid!

At present the “blu-DRO” has one version only and runs 3-axis’ on an Arduino based controller….plans are in the works to expand the line once I get a few other projects completed.

Since we got the blu-DRO up and running we have started several other projects (and even completed a couple!…lol) that I will add to the “Products” category of this website. We are going to make an attempt to make all of these products available to you guys and also provide all of the designs and cad work so that you guys cam make them in your own shops. Please leave a comment if you like the product and let us know if you would like for us to make you one or if you need help with your build.

Here is a short list of Products:

DIY Spindle Square
Rotary Broach
ER40 Collet Holder
Digital Dividing Head
AUX Compound Drive (for cutting short tapers using the compound slide)
Tailstock Center Offset Tool – for cutting tapers using the tailstock method without having to lose the setting of your tailstock.